How to become an sap consultant

How to become an sap consultant

Before starting with any career path it is important for you to analyze and ask yourself why this career?

And is it suitable for you, will this path help you to fulfill your future needs and many more such questions. For most people job security, financial aspect, are two of the most important features in a job. SAP provides you with that any many more additional factors.

SAP is one of the most rewarding career, It is an accounting software used by 90% of the fortune 500 companies. Trained consultants are required to setup and trained end users to use the SAP system effectively. SAP consultants are the most highest paid in the in the entire IT industry. SAP consultant in a contract job will earn more than double what permanent consultants are paid.

After deciding to become an SAP consultant, it is essential for you to analyze and decide the suitable module for yourself as SAP consist of many such, but not all are suitable for you and also if it is impossible for you to master them all.

Though the plus point in this is that your educational background is not at all considered in any of SAP interview. What here matters is how many years of experience do you have. Therefore you don’t have to worry even if you’re not from an IT background.

Now the best module you can choose for yourself among all the modules can be decide by the following points-

  1. If you are from accounting background you can go for as certified FI/CO functional consultant
  2. Engineering professional can opt MM or PP module
  3. Sales professional can go for SD module
  4. IT professional can try out ABAP, BASIS, BW/BI, or HANA module.

So choose the appropriate module according to your interest and educational background and practise that the most as it is the key in this field.


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