Cracked Phone Screen? Read This First!


If you have managed to crack your phone screen, then stop! Don’t go out there and pay for an expensive repair. We have a solution that could save you a fortune, doesn’t require a special set of skills, and can be used for multiple other applications, all around your home! Not convinced? We can prove it…

Broken Phone Screens and Gadgets Made to Help

There are gadgets that have been specifically engineered to make your phone screen woes a thing of the past. Let’s start with the most obvious and work our way up from there.

Prevention is better than Cure

Most commonly, a phone screen can be kept whole if you invest in two things. Number 1: a screen protector. You can buy these from just about any mobile phone shop and they will stop your screen from getting scratched by adding a protective plastic layer. These don’t interfere with your scrolling but do stop scratches when your cat stands on the dang thing.

Number 2 – buy a phone case. Not one that just holds your phone, but one that completely covers it. You all laugh at ‘mom cases’ but they work really well for protecting that screen and preventing a bashing in the first place.

Buy these two things and you might just be able to prevent damage, making for a better future for all involved. You can even get full phone chargers inside phone cases now, so that’s double the reason to use one – and a double bonus gadget!

Fixing A Screen That’s Broken

Even after it’s too late and the damage has been done – there are still ways you can repair that screen, without casting yourself a huge bill. A broken screen can be fixed with moldable glue. This brilliant putty sets to silicone solidity and makes for an indestructible finish. You can buy it in patches which you place over the crack and it molds to the shape of the hole. You can fix it to the point that you wouldn’t even know it was damaged… and for a fraction of the price.

Of course, if you don’t mind it being cracked too much, you can apply the screen protector and hope it holds all the bits together – but we recommend the Sugru patches for a fix that won’t fall apart. Especially if you have an iPhone. We’re not saying Androids don’t break just as easily… we’re just saying they cost a little less to replace.

The Final Option… The Manufacturer

So even if you bypass all our info so far and go straight to the shop – what will happen to your poor phone?

The screen or broken casing will be removed and replaced with another. If your phone needs specialized parts you may be cheaper to replace it with a fresh model altogether. Keep that option in mind if the bill is going to run into the hundreds.

Often, a technician will remove the broken parts and replace them. The problem with this is the cost of the parts themselves. Sometimes it’s spare change and sometimes it’s not worth the cost of the parts… for all else though, there is moldable glue… and we can’t get enough of the stuff!


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