Facts about VPN that you did not know


Virtual Private Networks are used by millions of people all across the globe. The reason it is used so much is that it is considered as one of the most reliable devices to secure online privacy and exchange of information. Despite its massive usage globally, a lot of people are not aware of some facts pertaining to it.

VPN service is now becoming very popular. However, there are still a few things that you need to know about it. Here are some of the interesting facts that you should be familiar with. 

  • Providers keep the data to themselves

This is the first and foremost interesting fact that you need to be familiar with. There is a major misconception in the market that the providers retain the client’s information just to hand it over to the government authority. This is not the case at all. The information is in fact retained in order to improve the services. They can detect potential problems and make the services better. However, there are some places where the providers can be legally required to share the information. 

  • VPNs are not completely anonymous

This is something that most of the people are not aware about. VPNs are not completely anonymous at all. Even though there are a lot of services that do guarantee complete anonymity, it is not the case. The providers can still identify your IP address which means that the anonymity is compromised. However, this is something not to be afraid of since they do not reveal the identity. 

  • VPNs help to save money on subscriptions

This is another interesting fact that can help you to save a great deal of money. Subscriptions that you get on streaming services are adjusted in terms of price according to the location. If you change your IP address using a VPN, then you may get a reduction in the price according to the location. This is something that a lot of people do not know. 

  • Access blocked content using VPN

This is one of the major uses of VPN. If you want to access blocked content, then VPN is the right place to go for. When you are browsing online, you will often come across blocked websites depending on your locality. In fact, there are many governments that block websites due to your location. VPN will help you to avoid such restrictions and get full access to the content that would otherwise be blocked. 

  • Get faster Internet speed

Another major benefit of using a VPN is getting faster Internet speed. If you are streaming HD videos, then you would often come across the problem of low Internet speed. This is common within the users. It is recommendable to use strongly encrypted VPNs to avoid the service provider from throttling. 

The bottom line

Above are some of the interesting facts you need to know. However, you will learn a lot more about the service once you start using it.


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